Bordered by the Andes, the longest continental mountain range in the world, to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west Chile is a uniquely situated country. Due to its remote location Chile did not experience the same influx of European immigration as other South American countries and as such had a distinct relationship with its indigenous populations. Chile is one of South America’s most stable and prosperous countries and is affectionately called by its citizens The Land of the Poets. This name comes from its two nobel laureates who both won Nobel prizes in literature, Gabriela Mistral and Pablo Neruda.

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Did you know?

Chile has the world's biggest swimming pool

Atacama desert is the driest place on earth

Chile has a government-supported UFO research organization

The cleanest place in the world is located in Patagonia Chile

Chile's flag is very similar to that of Texas because it was suggested by the first US agent in South America

Divorce in Chile was only legalized in 2005

Construction Management 

A 10-Day Faculty-Led Program in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Santiago, Chile

With large government investments, and rapidly growing interest from the public and private sectors, Argentina and Chile have become leading figures in infrastructure development in South America, and serve as great case studies for students of Construction Management. 


During this program students will have the chance to visit construction sites, speak with leading professionals in the field, and gain a global perspective of the construction industry in Latin America.  Students learn the challenges of running large-scale construction projects, the difficulties facing Argentina and Chile as the countries works to expand their infrastructure, and enjoy cultural activities throughout the cities of Buenos Aires and Santiago. 


DAY 8:  Santiago Subway Expansion Project Visit:

Students visit the Santiago Subway Expansion Project, which is estimated to be finished by 2021. The project has an estimated cost of US$1 billion and will benefit 600,000 local residents. After the project presentation, students visit the subway tunnels under construction. Student enter in one station, walked through the tunnel underground and exited from another station. This is unique way to see Santiago.

DAY 3: IRSA Company Visit and Catalina's Tower Site Visit:

The IRSA Company Visit consists of a presentation about IRSA, one of the largest development companies in Argentina. Architect Jorge Mandachain, Head of Development and Operations leads the lecture. Students will have the opportunity to go visit the Catalina's Tower construction site, speak with engineers, contractors, and gain insight into the challenges and sequence for the retaining walls and the complex foundations of the core of the tower. 

Chilecone Valley

The Startup Ecosystem that is Santiago

A 14-Day Faculty-led Program in Santiago, Chile

Everyone has heard of the Silicone Valley but an up-and-comer in the startup world is Chilecone valley. Startups are finding a haven in Santiago, Chile. With initiatives, including a startup accelerator, called Startup Chile lead by the Chilean government, companies are blossoming in the city. Over 1300 startups have been aided by this initiative. 


During this program students will have the chance to meet with first-time and career entrepreneurs who are living and working in the startup ecosystem that is Santiago. Students will also have the chance to create a business plan with other program members and have it critiqued and evaluated by investors and successful startup entrepreneurs. This program is ideal for any business course but especially those related to entrepreneurship and startups.

Chilean Export

Industry Success

Copper and Wine: Chile’s Agricultural and Natural Resources

A 12-Day Faculty-led Program in Chile

Despite its comparatively little agriculturally viable land Chile is the 5th largest global exporter of wine and its copper mines account for one third of the world’s copper. How did the export industry in Chile develop so much compared to its natural resource-rich neighbors like Argentina and Colombia?


During this program students will explore the rich and varied environs of Chile learning about the evolution of Chile’s agricultural industries and its journey to its position today. Site visits will include Chilean vineyards, copper mines, and the Salmon fisheries, a third large export. Students will come to appreciate the agricultural wealth that Chile has to offer despite its geographical limitations.





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