A country that has been influenced by many cultures from the Romans to the Moors, Spain boasts exciting and diverse cuisines, customs, and rich cultural heritage. It has something to offer everyone studying abroad, whether you want to experience the rich beauty of Andalucia in the south, explore the region of Catalonia and Basque Country in the north, or the beautiful beaches of the Costa del Sol.

3 places to visit in Spain 




Did you know?

Spain is the second largest country is Western Europe

Spain produces 45% of the world's olive oil

An entire city participates in a tomato fight at the La Tomatina festival

The Moors ruled Spain for 800 years

The Cave of El Castillo contains the oldest known cave paintings  

Tapas is not a food, but a way of eating

Spanish Art and Architecture

Alhambra to Sagrada Familia

A 14-Day Faculty-Led Program in Madrid, Granada, Seville and Barcelona


Spain is world renowned for its exciting and unusual cultural heritage. Home to the second largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, it provides an unforgettable opportunity for experiential learning outside the classroom. Through tracing the evolution of art and architecture in Spain through major historical and cultural periods: Roman Spain, Arabic and Jewish Spain, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, 19th Century Spain, and Avant-garde movements of the 20th and 21st, students explore the interlinking roles of culture, art, and architecture.


During this program students have the opportunity to see art housed in several internationally famous museums, including the Prado and Reina Sofia, and experience architectural gems such as the Alhambra, the Alcázar of Seville, Park Güell, and La Sagrada Familia. 


DAY 10: Exploring Park Güell

In 1984 UNESCO declared Barcelona's Park Güell a World Heritage Site, and it is not hard to see why. Discover one of Gaudí's most impressive landscape architecture projects in the city with a guided tour and group discussion.

DAY 5:  Guided Visit to the Alhambra in Granada

The Alhambra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and  Spain's most significant and well-known example of Moorish architecture. Travel through time and explore the Alhambra's architectural history as a royal residence, citadel, and visit the gardens of the Generalife palace. 

DAY 2: Art Walk through the Prado and Reina Sofia in Madrid

Known as one of the world's finest art galleries, students will have a guided tour through the Prado Museum, which houses works by remarkable Spanish artists such as Velázquez, Goya, and El Greco. After lunch students visit the Reina Sofia, and have the opportunity to take in Picasso's famous Guernica and explore the outstanding collection of contemporary Spanish art including pieces by Miró, Dalí, Chillida and Tàpies.

A 10-Day Faculty-Led Program in Barcelona, Spain

Experience the amazing architecture, spectacular beaches, and divine cuisine of Spain's dynamic capital city of Barcelona. Examine Spain's complex economy and the impact globalization has on entrepreneurs. 


Immerse yourself in the study of global entrepreneurship and marketing. Through lectures, meetings with business professionals, and visits to international start-ups, students will gain insight into the business culture in Barcelona. Learn the strategies small business owners utilize to create, market, and support their economic endeavors in a rapidly changing economic environment. 

Business in Barcelona

Global Entrepreneurship and Marketing

Spanish Langauge & Culture

A 12-Day Faculty-Led Program in Barcelona, Spain

A hub of Mediterranean culture, art, design, and ideas, Barcelona gives students the unique opportunity to increase their Spanish language skills and gain firsthand knowledge of Spanish culture.

This program will focus on the region of Catalonia and its capital city of Barcelona. Through a combination of coursework, site visits around Barcelona, and an excursion to Madrid, students will experience a city bursting with culture, where modernity and tradition go hand and hand.





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