The eighth largest country in the world, Argentina spans much of the continent of South America from its tropical rainforests to the north to its glaciers in the south. Argentina is a diverse country with a rich history. With strong European influences Buenos Aires, the country’s capital is unlike any other Latin American city. Whether visited for a week or six months Buenos Aires and Argentina will leave an impression on its visitors.

3 places to visit in Argentina 




Did you know?

Argentina is the 8th largest country by landmass 

Argentina was the first country in South America to legalize same-sex marriage 

Argentines pronounce the

Y or LL as 

"sh" instead of "y"

Iguazú Falls are the 4th biggest waterfall on earth

Ushuaia is the southernmost town on Earth 

Argentines consume about 60 kg of meat per year per capita

Human Rights in Argentina

Spotlights on 1976-1983 and the Present

A 12-Day Faculty-Led Program in Buenos Aires, Argentina


Argentina’s mixed human rights record has been at the forefront of Human Rights discussions for many years -- from a history of military dictatorships and clandestine detention centers, to being the first Latin American country to legalize same-sex marriage and state-recognized gender reassignment in 2010. While many basic freedoms are protected, there are still ongoing concerns including threats to freedom of expression, lack of freedom of information legislation, violence against women, police abuse, poor prison conditions, barriers to accessing reproductive health products and services, and failure to protect indigenous rights.

Through a series of talks, site visits, and presentations participants in this program will get a personal and up-close view of not only past human rights events but current popular movements. Students will leave this program with a deeper understanding of the lasting effects of military dictatorships, and how, not only a nation, but individuals move forward and the efforts being made by all parties to address these issues.


DAY 9: Guided Visit of ex-ESMA

The Navy Petty-Officers School of Mechanics was one of the longest operating clandestine detention centers in Buenos Aires with over 3000 people passing through its doors during the time of the dictatorship. During this visit students will have a chance to walk the grounds of the school as well as hear and see survivor testimonials.

DAY 5:  Madres de Plaza de Mayo

After lunch students will watch a short film providing background on the history of the organization of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo. Students will then attend a talk with two mother’s who are members of the organization.

DAY 2: Visit Parque de la Memoria

Visit the public park created to commemorate the lives of those disappeared during the dictatorship of 1976-1983. This visit will consist of a guided tour ending at the on-site museum which has rotating exhibits related to current and past Human Rights Issues.

A 12-Day Faculty-Led Program in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Uruguay

During this program students will get a first hand look at the state of business today in Argentina. Through a series of lectures, workshops, site visits, and discussions with a representative array of the country’s varied industries, students will gain an understanding of the  economic transformation Argentina is undergoing to promote sustainable development and integration into a global economy.


Students will have the opportunity to meet with entrepreneurs of Buenos Aires’ growing startup community to learn what it takes to launch a business in this economic climate as well as talk with directors of major multinational companies to understand their international business strategy in a country that is just finding its place in the global economy. While gaining insight into the country’s economic development students will also engage with Argentina’s rich cultural traditions and historical sites.

Business in Argentina

Start-Ups to Multinationals

A 12-Day Faculty-Led Program in Buenos Aires and La Rioja, Argentina

This program aims to educate participants about Argentina’s abundant natural resources and the great initiative this country is making towards a more sustainable future.


Students will get a firsthand look at Argentina’s renewable energy technologies and the plans for development. Students will have the opportunity to meet with leaders in the field, tour various renewable energy sites both in the city and the countryside, as well as tour socially and environmentally centered organizations who are pushing the envelope of renewable energy initiatives in Argentina.


While gaining a deep understanding of the sustainable energy landscape, students will also be able to enjoy many of the cultural and social aspects that make Argentina such a vibrant country.

Environmental Studies & Renewable Energy 





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